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Student Handbook Information

Attending Arts Academy Charter Middle School is a choice.  By enrolling at AACMS, students acknowledge that following school rules and procedures is an expectation, not a choice.  The Student Handbook, Code of Conduct and Dress Code outline specific policies and expectations for all AACMS students. 


Questions?  Contact Shawn Lynch, Dean of Students, at


AACMS Student Handbook 

This document outlines AACMS policies and services for students, including Attendance, the Student Assistance Program (SAP), Special Education Services, and other important school information.

Download (PDF)

AACMS Student Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct outlines expectations for student behavior as well as the school’s response for disciplinary infractions.  This document is meant to serve as guide.  Bebavior and disciplinary infractions are reviewed on a case-by-base basis by the Building Principal and Dean of Students.

Download (PDF)

AACMS Student Dress Code

The Student Dress Code outlines AACMS policy on appropriate dress for school.

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AACMS Student Handbook Acknowledgement Form

Students and Parents/Guardians are asked to complete this form upon receipt of the Student Handbook.

Download (PDF)