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Welcome to the Health Room!

An AACMS School Nurse is on duty throughout the school day and provides to the basic medical needs of students and staff, including those who become ill or injured during the school day.    The School Nurses also work with parents and families of students with specific medical concerns. The School Nurse can be found in the Health Room, located on the lower level of school building. Parents/guardians who wish to speak with the School Nurse should contact the school to schedule an appointment or phone call.

Health Room Procedures
Student may visit the Health Room to consult with the School Nurse but must obtain permission and pass from their teacher to do so. During the change of classes, students must report to their next class and obtain a pass from that teacher.

Early Dismissal Due to Illness In the event a student experiences a medical condition requiring early dismissal from school, the School Nurse or a designated staff member will contact the student's parent/guardian and/or emergency contact. A student will only be dismissed early due to illness following examination by the school nurse and consent from his/her parent/guardian. Per the AACMS Cell Phone Policy, students may not use a cell phone or other electronic devide to call, text, or message a parent/guardian to request an early dismissal. Doing so will result in disciplinry action.

Medication Procedures
All medications taken during the school day must be administered by the School Nurse, including both presciptions and over-the-counter medicines. Students must have an Authorization for Medication form, completed and signed by a parent or guardian and the student’s health care provider, on file with the Health Room in order to receive medication during the school day. Parents may not send medications, including prescription and over-the-counter medications, to school with their student.

Medication Guidelines

  • All medication must be kept in the Health Room.
  • All medications must be in the original container and labeled with the child's name, the name of the medication, the amount to be taken, and the time the child is to take the medication.
  • This policy includes all over-the-counter medication including cough drops, allergy medication, cough syrup, cold medication, herbal remedies, and topical ointments.

Medical Screenings
Certain health sreenings are required by law and completed annually by AACMS. These include hearing, vision, height and weight, and scoliosis screenings. Results of these screenings may be requested from the Health Room.

My student doesn't feel well.  Should I keep him or her home from school?

Attending school regularly is a crucial part of a student's educational success.  When a student is ill or not feeling well, their learning may be impacted.  This handy guide can help parents determine if their student should attend school or stay home when feeling sick.

View the Too Sick for School? guide now. (PDF formet)

Health Room Contact Information

By Phone: 610-351-0234 ext. 517
By Fax Number: 610-351-1163
By Email: 

Health Room Announcements & Reminders
  • Student Absences Due to Illness
    Parents/Guardians of AACMS students must provide a written note following ANY AND ALL student absences from school.  If you student is absent from school for three or more consecutive school days due to illness, Parents/Guardians must provide a written excuse from a doctor or health care provider.  Please feel free to contact the Health Room if you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy.  

  • Student Vaccinations Records
    The Health Room routinely review all student vaccination records and may periodically request updated vaccination records from parents/guardians of AACMS students.  Please contact the Health Room with any questions about student vaccination requirements.  

  • 7th Grade Dental Exams
    Dental exams are required by law for all seventh grade students.  If you have not done so already, please schedule an appointment with your student's dental care provider.  For more information, please contact the Health Room.

  • 6th Grade Physicals
    Physical exams are required by law for all sixth grade students.  If you have not done so already, please schedule an appointment for a physical exam with your student's health care provider.  For more information, please contact the Health Room.

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