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ANY AND ALL ABSENCES REQUIRE A WRITTEN NOTICE TO THE SCHOOL FROM EITHER PARENT/GUARDIAN OR DOCTOR.  The note must include the name and grade of the child, printed clearly , the date of the absence, AND a reason for absence.

Examples of excuses that are recognized as legal are illness, quarantine, recovery from an accident, or a death in the family.

  • Examples of absences that may be approved by the Principal are auditions and professional or pre-professional arts related work with prior written approval.
  • Parents are strongly encouraged to schedule family vacations during scheduled school breaks. 
  • Students are responsible for collecting and completing any missed work while absent from school.
  • Students returning after three or more consecutive days due to illness must provide a doctor’s note explaining said illness.
  • Students must be in school by 10:20 A.M. to participate in that day’s extra-curricular activities.
  • Late to class and skipping class are attendance infractions.


Pre-approved Absence Request Form.pdf

Detailed attendance rules in accordance with PA state code may be viewed by clicking the link below.