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Important Information Regarding Student Transportation

When winter weather affects school schedules, it is important to know where and how to find information on school delays and closings. Please carefully review the following information to understand how your child’s transportation to school is affected during periods of inclement weather.

Your local school district provides your child’s transportation to and from school. AACMS has NO control over your local school’s busing schedule, nor do we receive any advance notification of schedule changes. Because we are a regional school serving students from over 20 school districts in four counties, we cannot provide notification of schedule changes for each school district.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND each family sign up for WFMZ text alerts for your local school district as well as AACMS. Registration for WFMZ text message alerts can be completed online very easily. AACMS will also continue to distribute alerts about our own schedule changes via text message, email, social media, and our website.

View Current School Delays and Closing on WFMZ | Register for WFMZ Text Alerrs

What to Expect When School is Delayed or Closed

Your local school district has control over your child’s bus transportation to AACMS. As a result, expect the following changes to your child’s transportation schedule in each of the following circumstances:

If your local school district announces a 2-Hour Delay: Your child’s bus will pick them up form their bus stop approximately TWO HOURS later than the normal scheduled time. Your transportation will be delayed, even if AACMS is operating on a regular schedule.

If your local school district announces it is closed for the day:
Your child’s transportation will NOT be running, even if AACMS is open. It is your decision whether to provide transportation for your child if AACMS is open.

If your local school district announces an early dismissal:
Your child’s bus transportation will be leaving school early at a time set by the school district. Sometimes buses arrive at AACMS earlier or later than the scheduled dismissal time. AACMS will do its best to distribute updated bus departure times via its website and email alerts.

Student absence and tardiness caused by school schedules during inclement weather are recorded as excused.

The fastest way to find school updates during inclement weather is this website.  If you have a specific question, please call the school at (610) 351-0234.  Please do not message us on our social media accounts.  Our staff is very busy during times of inclement weather and will be unable to respond to messages sent via social media.

  • What happens during an Early Dismissal?

    When inclement weather causes school to dismiss early, each local school district determines when their buses will pickup students at AACMS. AACMS staff will use this page to update parents and families about their child's bus departure time as information is received