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Grade 8 (Algebra 1)

One-Variable Equations & Inequalities

            Proportions, Multi-Step, Absolute Value Equations, Literal Equations & Formulas

            Simple & Compound Inequalities


Functions & Their Graphs

            Data & Graphs; Discrete and Continuous Data

            Relations & Functions; Families of Functions; Three Views of a Function


Graphing & Writing Linear Equations & Inequalities

            Scatter Plots & Lines of Best Fit; Making Predictions from Data

            Properties and Forms of Linear Equations

            Applications of Linear Equations


Systems of Equations & Inequalities

            Solution(s) of a System; Parallel & Perpendicular Lines

            Solving Systems Graphically & Algebraically; Writing Systems

            Linear Inequalities & Systems of Linear Inequalities; Optimization Problems


Exponents & Exponential Functions

            Exponential Growth & Decay

            Properties of Exponents, Zero & Negative Exponents, Scientific Notation


Polynomials & Polynomial Functions

            Operations with Polynomials; Factor Trinomials & Special Cases

            Solve Polynomial Equations by Factoring; Interpret Solutions


Right Triangles & Radical Expressions & Functions

            Pythagorean Theorem

            Trigonometric Ratios

            Radical Expressions & Equations; Graphs of Radical Functions



            Congruency & Similarity of Figures in the Coordinate Plane (Transformations)

            Volume Formulas; Cone, Cylinder, Sphere

            Angle Relationships


Data Analysis & Probability

            Interpret various statistics & displays of data

            Probability of Simple and Compound Events


Rational Expressions & Functions

            Direct & Indirect Variation

            Simplify Rational Expressions & Solve Rational Equations

            Graphs of Rational Functions; Domain Restrictions/Asymptotes


Quadratic Equations & Functions

            Properties of Quadratic Equations & Inequalities

            Solving with the Quadratic Formula; Real & Complex Solutions & the Discriminant

Operations w/Complex Numbers