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Grade 5


  • What do scientists do?
  • The Scientific Method - Using Data

    Life Science

  • Classifying Organisms: plants and animals
  • Growth and Survival of plants and animals:
  • Adaptation / Life Cycles / Physical Structures
  • Structure and Function of Animals: Circulatory System / Respiratory System/ Skeletal and Muscular Systems/ Nervous System / Other systems in the body
  • Ecosystems:
  • Parts of an Ecosystem / Interacting with an Ecosystem / How Ecosystems change / How do humans impact an Ecosystem

    Earth Science

  • Water Cycle: Parts of the Water Cycle
  • Weather: Clouds / Climate
  • Earth’s Surface: Minerals / Rocks / Soil Erosion and deposition / How does the Earth change / Pollution
  • Earth and Space: How does the Earth move / What are stars, planets, asteroids, meteors, comets, and moons

    Physical Science

  • Properties of Matter: Solids, liquids, and gases / Mixtures and solutions / How does matter change
  • Forces and Motion: Newton’s Laws / Simple Machines /What are forces
  • Changing Forms of Energy: Types of Energy / Sound energy / Light energy Electrical energy