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Grade 8

  • Solving Linear Equations

                    Simplify algebraic expressions

                    Solve and write multi-step problems

                    Identify the number of solutions of an equation


    Real Numbers and the Coordinate Plane

                    Distinguish between rational and irrational numbers

                    Estimate the value of expressions

                    Find square root of perfect squares and cube roots of perfect cubes

                    Use the Pythagorean Theorem to calculate real-world problems



                    Write numbers in scientific notation and standard notation

                    Multiply and divide powers with the same base and numbers in scientific notation

                    Use scientific notation to describe and compare distances



                    Use properties of angles

                    Explore properties of similar figures

                    Investigate the relationship between angle measures of triangles



                    Graph translations, reflections, rotations, and dilations

                    Determine scale factor

                    Identify a sequence of transformations

                    Determine symmetry and rotational symmetry


    Geometry and Measurement

                    Identify 3-D shapes

                    Use Pythagorean Theorem and other formulas to calculate volume

                    Use proportions to find missing measurements of similar solids


    Data Analysis

                    Make scatter plots and describe the association between sets of data

                    Draw and write an equation for trend lines

                    Construct and interpret a two-way table


    Introduction to Functions

                    Use graphs to identify increasing and decreasing data

                    Identify proportional relationships

                    Identify and describe linear and nonlinear functions


    Graphing Functions

                    Find slope of a line from a graph or table

                    Use tables and equations to graph a linear function

                    Write function rules from words, tables, and graphs

                    Compare properties of two functions represented in different ways


    Systems of Linear Equations

                    Solve systems by graphing, substitution, and elimination

                    Apply systems to real-world examples