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Scheduling an Interview
New Student Interviews are required of all applicants to AACMS.  Interviews are conducted on specific Interview Dates held in February, March and June of each year.  Interview dates for the 2019-2020 academic year are currently scheduled for:

  • Tuesday, February 5, 2019
  • Friday, February 15, 2019
  • Saturday, March 23, 2019
  • Monday, June 17, 2019

Interviews are scheduled by the Registrar only when a completed application is received. Parents/guardians of prospective students will be contacted by email to schedule an interview upon receipt of the application materials. Interviews are scheduled as follows:
  • Apply no later than January 30 - Interview in February
  • Apply no later than March 15 - Interview in late March
  • Apply after March 15 - Interview in June

Please allow at least 45 minutes to complete the entire Interview process.

Applicants who complete the application and interview process by mid-March will receive an admissions decision by mail on or around April 1.    Students who apply and interview after April 1 will receive an admissions decision by mail within a few weeks of their interview date.  Information on admissions decisions is not available prior to this date.

New Student Interview Process
  • Overview & Expectations
    The essential qualities of an AACMS student are a passion for their arts discipline and a willingness to learn.  The Interview Process is designed to give applicants the opportunity to showcase their talents and, more importantly, share their excitement for the arts with our faculty and staff.  

    During a New Student Interview, applicants will meet with members of the AACMS faculty for approximately 15 minutes.  The Interview will include both a question and answer session and an artistic presentation.  More information on the interview requirements for each art form can be found below.

    Please allow at least 45 minutes to complete the entire New Student Interview process.  This includes checking in, completing enrollment paperwork, and the Interview meeting with AACMS faculty.


    A Note for Parents:  Parents/guardians of fifth grade students are welcome to accompany their student throughout the Interview process.  Parents of students in sixth, seventh and eighth grade applicants will be asked to remain in the waiting area throughout the Interview process.  

  • Question & Answer Session
    During the Question and Answer Session, each applicant will be asked to describe his or her interest in one or more of our artistic disciplines.  Faculty and staff members may also ask students follow-up questions in an effort to learn more about the student and his or her experiences in the arts.  


  • Artistic Presentation Requirements
    Each applicants should arrive at the Interview prepared to demonstrate at least one arts discipline.  Our teachers and staff understand that a student's experience in the arts may be limited, especially since our students are so young.  Therefore, even a simple presentation in one or more arts disciplines may be sufficient for the interview.  


    Specific requirements for artistic presentations are listed below: